ARM buys wireless protocol developer Sensinode

Component maker ARM announced today that it has acquired Sensinode Oy, a privately-held software company specializing in low-power wireless standards.

The specific terms of the deal were not released.

Sensinode has been involved in the development of several low-power communications protocols for IoT devices, such as CoAP and 6LoWPAN. It has also joined wireless standardization efforts including ZigBee and IEFT. The company’s software products include the NanoStack and NanoRouter packages for connecting devices wirelessly, and the cloud-based NanoService platform for managing machine-to-machine networks.

ARM says it will apply those capabilities through its mbed platform, which is an effort to make it easy for device manufacturers to combine open-source hardware and software into new products. Sensinode will help to integrate open wireless standards with ARM’s components.

“By making Sensinode expertise and technology accessible to the ARM Partnership and through the ARM mbed project we will enable rapid deployment of thousands of new and innovative IoT applications,” said ARM’s Josh Cornish in a statement.

For more on open standards, including the ones Sensinode helped develop, see our roundup of IoT protocols.