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Bitponics is your personal gardening assistant.

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bitponics connects your garden to the world.

Bitponics is a project by Amit Kumar and Michael Doherty that seeks to automate home plant growing and become your "Personal Gardening Assistant" via their stand-alone sensor device and backend web service.

The system works by first entering the details of what type of plant you want to grow and the type of hydroponic system you have. The service than takes this information to generate a custom growing plan that details out:

  • How many hours of light your plants need per day & when to change its schedule
  • What pH range is safe for your plants
  • How often you need to run your water pumps
Automated Hydroponics: Bitponics

The Bitponics device then monitors your setup using its range of sensors (Water/Air temperature, Humidity and brightness levels as well as the pH for measuring acidity) and logs this data to your online account for review and to make modifications over time.

Additional Notes:

  • The device will feature two power outlets that can be set up on timers and controlled online to manage anything from the lights to the pumps
  • The developers plan to use the devices in schools as an educational resource to run experiments (ie: if I change this variable what happens?)
  • The device and its firmware will be released under Open Source license
  • Ships with support for Cosm to share and manage your data feeds

Learn more about the project at:

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