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Finally, a health tracker that looks feminine! Empower your body with the world's smartest piece of jewelry -

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The world's smartest piece of jewelry

The Leaf activity monitor is the latest bit of wearable technology to disguise itself as jewelery. Designed for female bodies, it tracks sleep, stress, workouts and ovulation.

With an organic design made of wood and stainless steel, Leaf is almost indistinguishable from other elegant accessories. Inside is a motion sensor, vibration motor for haptic feedback, and Bluetooth Low Energy radio — all powered by a user-replaceable coin battery that is expected to last 6 months.

Except for water-logged activities, Leaf is meant to be worn round-the-clock so it can build up a holistic picture of the wearer’s health. By recognizing breathing patterns and various kinds of movement, the device and its paired mobile app can estimate things like number of calories burned or quality of sleep — and then provide feedback and reminders to improve the user’s habits. Reproductive cycles also get factored into the data, but users have mark their own ovulation and period days, as well as contraceptive use, in the app.Leaf is the first product from Bellabeat, a 2014 graduate of the Y Combinator accelerator. Last fall, TechCrunch reported that the company was working on several other pregnancy-related gadgets, including a bathroom scale and a home ultrasound device. Leaf has already begun shipping, but there’s a waitlist.Learn more in the video below.
Bluetooth Activity Tracker: Leaf

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