The Everyday Battery, Re-imagined

Trey Madhyastha and Kellan O'Connor are former SpaceX aerospace engineers that have set their hardware expertise on innovating those boring old AA batteries you have scattered in devices throughout your home.

Called the Tethercell, they are billing their device as the world's first "app-enabled smart battery". The size of a standard AA a Tethercell actually consists of a AAA battery that is placed within a small plastic adapter holding all of the Bluetooth communication and other components.

Bluetooth Battery: Tethercell
With Tethercell and our free app, you can switch battery-operated devices on and off, set on and off schedules, be alerted when batteries are running low, and be ensured that things will remain on or off when you want them to be.

Tethercells been tested to communicate with an iPhone 4S up to 100 feet away in an open field to give you an idea of possible applications, and the team hopes to empower a whole range of everyday objects to easily leapfrog into the connected world.

Tethercell smart battery device

The costs for one of the initial runs of the device will set you back $35 for one or $70 for a pair, with the Tethercell team in the process of raising initial production funds via Indiegogo until February 22nd 2013.

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Image Credits: Tethercell