Long Range Bluetooth 4.0

Shortly after receiving crowdfunding support for their Stick-N-Find Bluetooth Stickers, the developers at StickNFind LLC have announced their longer range BluTracker device.

With a line of sight range of up to 2500 feet (European version offers 120 Meters) the BluTracker will broadcast its last known position and help you track down any of your valuables using a customized omni directional antenna and GPS Sirf IV Engine.

Communication to your smartphone and the accompanying app is driven by Bluetooth 4 and the matchbook sized device comes with a a key ring and a rubber mounting holder making it easy to place on a dog's collar, or inside a briefcase for example.

The BluTracker is able to last up to 2 months of continuous use before needing a recharge and can also alert you when something is moved using its built-in motion sensor.

More details about the device can be found at:

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Image Credits: StickNFind LLC