SPRay and sAVe

Sprāv is a Bluetooth enabled product that harnesses an on-board acoustic and temperature sensor to help you monitor and reduce your home's water consumption.

Born out of a project at Cleveland's Case Western Reserve University by Craig Lewis, C.J Valle and Andrew Schad the device clips directly onto the supply pipe behind your existing shower head and uses a shifting LED light to provide feedback on how your water usage is lining up with your resource reduction goals.

Customized notifications are set using a smartphone app (At the 5 minute mark of your shower turn the LED yellow to signal wrapping-up, flash red at 7 minutes...). While personal weekly/monthly resource goals can be tracked and integrated with utility pricing data to see how water savings using the device are being translated to utility bill totals.

According to the Sprāv team, the United States has one of the highest per capita water consumption figures in the world and if everyone in the nation could reduce their average shower by just a minute the reduction in CO2 emissions would equate to taking nearly 6 million cars off the road.

The team hopes that similar resource savings and better consumption habits can be created with their system feedback loops as seen with those using real-time fuel efficiency displays in their cars and smart meters in their homes.

Sprāv is powered by a standard CR2032 coin cell battery expected to last up to eighteen months, and will feature an API so that other developers can integrate the device's data into their products.

More details about Sprav can be found at: Spravwater.com

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