BodyTrace in action


Using GSM technology (versus wifi) the The Bodytrace eScale system will take your weight measurements and then upload them automatically to their site for tracking and comparisons over time.

From their website:

"The BodyTrace eScale and Website is a complete package for all of you who take their health seriously. By tracking your weight you can ensure a healthy lifestyle and your fitness or weight loss goals can be achieved in an efficient way.

The eScale is a bathroom scale that wirelessly uploads and displays your weight & BMI at the BodyTrace Website.

While common bathroom scales only show your current weight, this smart re-invention of the simple bathroom scale displays your ever-changing weight online without any configuration. You can monitor the changes and take action when needed.

While everybody is different, we can tell you very specifically how long it will take YOU to get to YOUR GOAL. Based on the last 2 weeks of results and data we collected, we will use our BodyTrace formula to calculate the remaining days until you reach your goal. If you work harder, you will see the number go down. If you eat a chocolate cake, you will see it go up!"

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