Breed Reply IoT incubator invests in Cocoon, BrainControl, Greeniant

Breed Reply, the Internet of Things incubation arm of European digital consulting firm Reply Group, today announced that it has invested $3.7 million in three IoT startups. Though the incubator did not specify the breakdown, the investments represent stakes varying from 20 percent to 70 percent of each company.

Here's a rundown of the three recipients:

Cocoon is a home security startup that detects infrasound -- noises too deep for humans to hear -- to keep tabs on a house. A single device in one room can detect intruders, doors opening and closing, and other activities throughout the house just by listening to vibrations in the air.

BrainControl is an Italian startup that makes brain-computer interfaces. These “assistive technologies” read patterns of brain activity to let users control programs and devices using thought alone.

Greeniant, a Dutch startup, has a software platform that can analyze the data from smart electricity meters to tell residents how much electricity each of their appliances is using. Without any extra hardware, it’s an easy way to get insights into power consumption and reduce the home’s electricity usage.

Earlier this year Breed Reply backed two more IoT startups: the Xmetrics athletic wearable for swimmers and the Sensoria smart sock for runners.

In addition to funding, the incubator provides office space, business development support, and access to mentors, advisors and investors drawn from Reply Group's network.

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