City Dashboard

City Dashboard is a project created by researchers at the CASA research lab that gives you a quick and easy way to check the real-time "pulse" of your city via a single page that aggregates and displays information from public API's and a range of other data sources including:

  • Crowdsourced streams of information like local Twitter posts
  • Open Street Map updates
  • Current transportation conditions (Including bike sharing availaility)
  • Air Quality
  • Traffic Cameras
  • River water levels
City Dashboard

First announced at the CASA Smart Cities conference and launching initially in Alpha stage for 8 eight UK cities (London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and Newcastle) the project eventually wants to expand to reach cities throughout Europe and integrate with other parellel initiatives like the EU funded iCity platform.

See one of the dashboards in action yourself at:

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Image Credits: CASA research, NeISS, JISC

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