Prototype of Sensr Video Sensr Video in action lets you record, view, and share your security camera from the cloud. Don't have an internet connected camera? Starting around $40 you can buy one from Amazon. Setup a camera and access it from the site. Once your video is available in the cloud a new world of possibilities exist. Friends and family can log into to see your camera. You can create clips from your camera and share them. Don't have a camera? Use your old smartphone or a webcam with our native apps.

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Sensr Video

With the tagline "watch your stuff," Sensr is a video monitoring startup that utilizes cheap webcams and a cloud-based service so users can monitor video footage of their homes and offices (or anything else) over the Web.

The service works best with a dedicated network camera that supports FTP, but your built-in camera or most any USB web camera can be outfitted to work. A motion detecting system can be set to notify you via a text message or email if anything happens ("Heading out of town for the weekend? Leave your camera pointed at the front door. If someone comes in, we'll text you.").

Cloud-based video monitoring: Sensr

Images are stored and organized on the service (via Amazon S3) by time and day for later retrieval and users can also share their camera feed publicly on the site or on other social media sites. Future plans include implementing face detection technology and releasing a public API (currently in alpha).

Cloud-based video monitoring: Sensr

More details about the service can be found at:

Additional Notes:
- Bloomberg interview with co-founder Adam Beguelin
- 1.5 million in funding led by Spark Capital

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Additional Coverage: Techcrunch, RWW, SFGate


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