Get help with bringing your Internet of Things connected product or service to market. Filter vendor list by technology specialty. project stage, or geographic location.

The following Channel Guide will:

  • Help you narrow down the best system integrator for your wireless IoT product or service.
  • Filter provider list by location and areas of specialty in the design and manufacturing process.

General IoT Consulting Engineers

These firms provider broad IoT engineering services.

Glow Labs

Glow Labs is a product development firm that's 100% focused on creating connected devices for...


Cognizant partners with our customers to identify IoT business cases and put into place the technology to create entirely new business models and...


We are ClearConnex, an innovative wireless embedded engineering firm like no other.


We help you to explore a journey where your devices seamlessly interact with each other to gather, store, and process data. You may have a goal to...


One Stop Solution for Digital Transformation- Volansys Offers Electronic Product Design & Services. Expert in Smart Home, Smart City Solutions using...


Flex is a leading sketch-to-scale™ solutions company that designs and builds intelligent products for a connected world.


We are a technology-enabled services firm focused on Internet of Things solutions. With our professional expertise and IoT technology, we combine...


Our IoT Engineering services are a unique blend of design, silicon, connectivity and cloud expertise, all of which are essential to build and...

Cardinal Peak

Cardinal Peak enables companies to bring embedded products to market faster and more reliably than through any other solution, by complementing or...

ISV / Solution and Consultancies

These firms provide both their own solutions to leverage as well as IoT product consultancy and design services


From embedded hardware, firmware and protocol development, to cloud-based IoT platform solutions, to the user interface: our state-of-the-art...


Amyx+ , an award-winning Internet of Things strategy & innovation lab, is working with international and...


Software solutions & platforms for service providers and equipment manufacturers to manage and IoT-ize devices.


Altiux Innovations is an end-to-end Product Engineering, Outsourced Product Development and Innovation services company.

TCS Tata Consultancy Services

Internet of Things, offers unique opportunities for enterprises to hyper-connect people, processes and systems. However the IoT ecosystem is quite...


Vinnter is an innovation & engineering consultancy firm specialised in accelerating product development, enabling smart connected products and...

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