The Incredible Machine

The Incredible Machine is a product design agency.

Employees: 5

The Incredible Machine

Incredible Machine is a Rotterdam based design agency focusing on connected products. Led by Marcel Schouwenaar, Aernout Peeters, and Harm van Beek the trio has already produced some innovative designs and conceptual products ranging from a wireless calendar/clock combination, to a ping pong table that tracks your score for you.


Created using a Raspberry Pi, the calendar/clock TickTock combines and displays multiple Google calendars and their appointments in real time. The colored segments of each clock provide a glanceable information display for family members or co-workers schedule throughout the day. "Who needs a clock when you have your Google calendar on your phone? We wanted to make the clock relevant again by connecting it to the web."


By embedding wireless sensors in the paddles and underneath the table the connected ping pong table can register if the ball has made it to one side and if it was returned successfully. Based on this simple hit count information it can keep track of the score and upload the data to a server to be tracked by the players over time.

"We are at the brink of a new technological revolution where every physical thing around us can be connected to the internet. This can create new experiences and interactions with products that will make everyday life better, more convenient or simply more fun"

To view the complete set of work from the agency visit: or follow their latest at @TheIncMac.