Teddy Twinkle

Stay connected to those you love, through the toys they love

Teddy Twinkle is the first product in development by The Social Toy Company a startup founded by Phil Wang and Pam Swingley out of San Francisco.

Under the bear's soft exterior lies WiFi connectivity, LED lights, and a suite of sensors and audio capabilities that can facilitate interaction for children and their loved ones. Using the toys smartphone app a user can personalize their bear by assigning individuals an identifying color (Blue for Dad, Green for Grandma). Once connected a parent or family member can send remote "Twinks" to the child that can be as simple as a blink of a light, to something more complex like a voice message, story, or a particular song.

Included GPS tracking puts an end to lost toy disaster stories while on family vacation, and embedded touch sensors on the bear's body can set interactions and return messages in motion (touch its lips to send a kiss, or move the arms to send a person a hug message).

...When they awoke, the people of Microville discovered their stuffed toys had a twinkle, each belly vibrated with twinks of love from friends far and wide.

Blinking and winking, they came from basements and bedrooms, with their Twinkles held tight, they slowly started to mingle.

Shy smiles emerged, as stuffed bellies glowed bright, for the people of Microville had found balance with high tech and soft might.
Connected Toys: Teddy Twinkle

More details on the toy's design and release can be found at: Teddytwinkle.com or in the products promo video below.

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Via: @IoTWatch

Image Credits: The Social Toy Company