Eclipse Foundation challenges IoT designers to build with open standards

Openness is the bread and butter of the non-profit tech industry group Eclipse Foundation, which earlier this month issue an Open IoT Challenge to developers: Build the best Internet of Things solution they can using open-source hardware and software and open standards.

Eclipse wants the challenge to not only produce cool new ideas, but also stimulate community discussion about the power and promise of open standards and open-source technology. The organization is behind Kura, Mihini and Open Source implementations for MQTT, CoAP, OMA LWM2M and ETSI M2M. Entrants are encouraged to document the design process in as much detail as possible, and the amount of discussion and community input they generate will be part of the judging criteria.

Projects will also be judged on originality (as in, they must be developed specifically for the challenge), innovativeness, completeness, and use of open tech -- though it’s okay to integrate commercial products, according to Eclipse’s “IoT evangelist” Benjamin Cabé.

The deadline to apply is nearly upon us -- Saturday, Jan. 17 -- and entrants will have until Feb. 27 to complete their projects. Ten finalists will be selected to present at the annual EclipseCon in San Francisco in March, and three winners will receive prizes of hardware and software.

Learn more and apply yourself at the Open IoT Challenge website.