EE Times places IoT at #3 in the 20 hot technologies for 2012

EE Times announced its 20 hot technologies for 2012 and placed the Internet of Things as #3 on the list:

In the article they only give the shortest description for the IoT: "When trillions of objects have IP addresses to help them serve billions of people it will change life on our planet forever." and they decide to span the 20 technologies over 20 pages on their website, but it's nice to see continued recognition of the IoT potential in the industry.

Others on the list include:


- Wireless sensor networks

- Plastic electronics


- Printed electronics

- Energy harvesting

- Graphene

- Next-generation non-volatile memory

- Processors

- Graphics and GPGPU


- Solar conversion

- White space radio


- 40/100 Gbit/second Ethernet

- Mobile OSes with Android


- Smart grid technologies

- 3-D ICs

Read the full article here.

"What follows is a list of 20 technologies EE Times editors think can bring big changes, and that we will be tracking during 2012.

Given the pace of technological change, limiting our list to 20 topics doesn’t really do the subject justice but in many ways our chosen topics embrace numerous others. Technology does not exist in a vacuum. Ideas behind each technology are interconnected both conceptually – and sometimes physically – through engineers, consumers, companies, events and market trends.

The significance can sometimes be as simple as how a well-turned phrase catches the essence of a technology sector, such as the way system-on-chip (SoC) replaced application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) as a descriptor, a decade ago. For instance, is today’s "Internet of Things" the same or different from machine-to-machine communications? Whichever buzz phrase we choose, the key is whether the technology will enable products to succeed and markets to grow."