Era of Objects Ebook released

On Sept 29th V2 (an interdisciplinary center for art and media technology in Rotterdam) hosted the event - 'The era of objects' a night with three of the top 100 IoT trackers. Julian Bleecker, Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, and Anab Jain all of which were there to present as well as participate with the audience in an "open think tank" following their talks.

As part of the event V2 released video of the night, as well as an Ebook that you can download from their site for free that contains essays from the night speakers as well as other top IoT thinkers including Bruce Sterling, Rob van Kranenburg, Ilona Gaynor, and Ana Serrano & Tim Warner.

The ebook is broken down into 8 parts with an introduction by the events curator Michelle Kasprzak and followed with the essays:

Design Futurescaping,

by Anab Jain, Jon Ardern, and Justin Pickard

Is this thing on? Identity, robots, and spying through everyday objects

by Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

Excerpt: "By looking at how we coerce technologies to suit our ideals and beliefs, how we manipulate data, and how we design objects, we may be inspired to create systems, services, and objects where we create ambiguity and mystery"

Writings on the Internet of Things

by Rob van Kranenburg

Excerpt: "In such a mediated environment – where everything is connected to everything – it is no longer clear what is being mediated, and what mediates. Design decisions become process decisions in a mediatized environment."

Design Fiction

by Julian Bleecker

Excerpt: "Design fiction works in the space between the arrogance of science fact, and the seriously playful imaginary of science fiction, making things that are both real and fake, but aware of the irony of the muddle – even claiming it as an advantage."

Speculation and Extrapolation

by Ilona Gaynor

Excerpt: "but it is when we start to examine what materials exists within a ‘world’ that allows us to engage, excite and to associate conscious meaning, perhaps even drive us to pull the artifact out the fiction and translate it to the real."

Evolution of an Internet of Things

by Ana Serrano and Tim Warner

Excerpt: "So as we move to the ‘thing’ as the driver for innovation, the focus of innovation will shift."

The Spime Arrives

by Bruce Sterling

Excerpt: "Wilma: Ted, they gave us a new chair for free!

Ted: No, honey, they gave you a free chair because you gave them all our metadata, our user records, and a full video account of the lightning damage. That data’s worth more than the chair."

Learn more about V2 and the Blowup series at and download the Ebook for yourself here.