European Commission consults on the IoT

The European Commission (EC) issued a press release on April 12th wanting to know "what framework is needed to unleash the potential economic and societal benefits of the IoT, whilst ensuring an adequate level of control of the devices gathering, processing and storing information."

The Commission has opened up a public consultation (Inviting comments by July 12th via an online questionnaire) seeking "views on privacy, safety and security, security of critical IoT supported infrastructure, ethics, interoperability, governance and standards. The results of the consultation will feed into the Commission's Recommendation on the IoT, which will be presented by summer 2013. Boosting the IoT is a priority for the Digital Agenda for Europe"

The study is open to citizens, businesses as well as advocacy groups and industry professionals and asks for opinions on a wide range of public policy, security, and standardization matters. A few questions from the survey are listed below or you can take it for yourself at:

  • In general, IoT physical world infrastructure is an issue for IoT Governance.?
  • There is a need of unique identifiers for the IoT and of an organisation allocating them?
  • Identity: IoT applications pose threats to the protection of an individual's identity?
  • The development of guidelines to respect safety and security requirements should be kept to a minimum in view of not compromising the economic viability of IoT applications?

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