Every Heart Beat


EveryHeartBeat is a project announced by Leslie Saxon, MD from the USC Center for Body Computing to "connect the more than 5 billion mobile phones in the world to the health ecosystem. Boom, boom...boom, boom..."

Initially starting with heart rate monitoring the project wants to eventually expand to include data on blood sugar levels, and other biometrics collected via mobile devices. A range of apps already exist (Cardiograph, AliveCor, Azumio) to enable consumers to self track their pulse and studies are emerging that show how wireless ubiquitous heart rate monitoring can successfully be used to detect heart conditions and enable early diagnosis.

Imagine your doctor calling you to schedule an appointment because he knows the condition of your body, rather than vice-versa.

According to the site the team has already recorded millions of continuous heart beats and plans to give clinicians access to analytics platforms and this unprecedented amount of data to study "life patterns, identify disease, solve endemic health problems, and give you control over your health".

The project has a planned launch date in late 2013, but in the meantime you can follow along with the latest developments: @ehbeat or http:everyheartbeat.org

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Image Credits: EveryHeartBeat.org, Azumio


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