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Get Ahead of your Game

San Francisco and Galway based developer Active Mind Technology has created Golf Game, a system that can seamlessly track and record details about your round using a combination of sensors and connectivity.

To start using the system to track your game you simply attach small NFC-equipped tags into the end of each of your clubs. A "GYG" device that you attach to your belt acts as the brains of the device and comes with GPS, compass, accelerometer, gyrometer and Bluetooth LE to talk with your smartphone or tablet. Just before you take a swing you tap the GYG device with your end of your club and the rest of taken care of with the data being stored and sent to the cloud for monitoring your stats, sharing your round and getting feedback on your swings.

Golf Club Sensor System: Game Golf
Golf Club Sensor System: Game Golf

Designed by Yves Béhar’s Fuseproject and backed by professional golfers Graeme McDowell and Lee Westwood, the company expects to ship the device in June at an expected price of $249.

More details about the service can be found at: or you can watch the product pitch video below to see it in action.

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