How secure is the IoT?

Explore the implications next week in Boston at new industry Forum

Among a number of upcoming events during IoT Week Massachusetts is the Security of Things Forum on May 7. Organized and hosted by Paul Roberts, editor in chief of The Security Ledger, the forum will investigate both the challenges and the opportunities presented by security concerns on the Internet of Things.

Three panels will focus on the roles of security experts, hardware innovators, and venture capitalists in shaping a secure future for a world filled with connected objects. Speakers include Mark Stanislav a security evangelist at DUO Security and one of the creators of the new initiative BuilditSecurely, executives from Intel Security and Cisco, and a keynote by Dan Geer, the chief security officer at the CIA's venture capital arm, In-Q-Tel.

Roberts described his goals for the forum in a correspondence with Postscapes:

I wanted to draw attention to what I think are some big and important questions about how we intend to scale to an Internet populated by billions of autonomous, sensing devices. Many otherwise smart people I've talked to like to pooh-pooh the idea that IoT security is more than FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt). I think they're really, really wrong about that, and I hope this forum will help shine a light on areas of concern. The other goal I have is to bring together some of the amazing talent that exists right here in Boston, and some other far flung locations. Hopefully, in doing so, we help pollinate the next generation of security companies who can grow to take on this great challenge.

To see the full lineup of speakers and panelists or register for a seat, visit the Security of Things Forum website.