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Eaton LifeSense

Replace only what you need to, exactly when you need to

From airplanes to garbage trucks, heavy machinery relies on hydraulics — the use of highly pressurized fluids to transfer force from one place to another. In fact, most of us use hydraulics every day, each time we step on a brake pedal in our cars. The hydraulic fluid in the brake lines is what turns the pressure of your toes into the mighty force that can stop a speeding vehicle.

It's powerful stuff! And for that reason, especially in industrial settings, taking good care of hydraulic systems is a top priority for both efficiency and safety. Beyond taking machinery offline or causing accidents, a hydraulics failure can unleash high-pressure, high-temperature sprays of oils and other chemicals that can harm workers and the environment.

LifeSense, from the industrial power management company Eaton, offers a way to remotely monitor the health of the hoses that keep hydraulic fluids in line. It consists of wireless sensors that attach to each hose, a gateway that collects and analyzes the data, and a web portal where users can check in on their equipment.

The sensors, which boast more than six years of battery life, use electrical signals to monitor the structural properties of the hoses, which change as the equipment ages and materials start to degrade. Up to 100 sensors can communicate with a single wireless base station using a 433Mhz radio protocol. By sensing the patterns that indicate an impending failure, the base station can pass on alerts to users and maintenance crews via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

In practice, LifeSense both prevents accidents and eliminates the need to replace hoses on a set schedule. Instead, each hose can be used right up until it's ready to give out — and not a moment longer. Check out the product brochure to learn more.

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