daden-uk-logoDaden is a UK company that has been working with immersive worlds (training simulations; 3D Security; interactive virtual assistants) since 2004, their latest tool Datascape looks at how 3d interactive spaces can be used to visualize and interact with data from almost any static or live feed source.

The 3D environment significantly increases the amount of information that can be sensibly displayed, and the sense of immersion provide spatial cues which assist in maintaining orientation and identifying trends, clusters and anomalies with the data.
Immersive live data feed visualizations: Datascape - A look at Datascape 3d live feed data visualization tool - Smart Environment
Immersive live data feed visualizations: Datascape

Additional Features include:

  • Plotting GPS and any kind of geo-located or time-coded data to analyze movement, journeys and timelines
  • The ability to import data from a wide variety of data sources, with native support for Excel, CVS and SQL and access to XML, JSON and other through ETL tools such as Kettle
  • Available in a collaborative edition, which allows users to invite others into their data visualization

The software is currently being targeted for use in scientific visualizations, public safety modeling, cyber security, and the finance world but you could easily see this type of tool being increasingly used as more data producing devices are deployed across all types of industries.

You can learn more about the product here, or catch a demo of it in action in the video below.

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