IoT Mainstream- The Internet of Things hits the Etsy demographic

Continuing on with our series on how the term Internet of Things is lurching its way into mainstream culture, we look into a recent post on Etsy. if you’re not familiar with the site it is basically a large marketplace for DIY’ers and craftsman to sell their goods, or in their words “Etsy is the world’s handmade marketplace.”

The blog post was just called ‘The Internet of Things‘ and was submitted by Chappell Ellison a contributing writer to their blog. Two examples targeted at the sites demographic begin the article:

“What if your iron sent you an email because you left the house in a rush and forgot to unplug it? Or what if your new sweater tweeted when it was ready to be picked up at the dry cleaner? “

Next up, references to Cisco’s projected number of objects followed by details about the Tales of Things project as well as a mention of the Sparked livestock tagging project.

Concluding with asking about the real need for the IoT “Now that there’s an app for nearly everything, we run the risk of creating Internet-connected objects that perform nothing more than parlor tricks. “

As of writing this the article has gotten close to 40 comments with the majority skeptical and concerned about the implications to the few excited about the potentials.

A small sample:

-“I actually would like a tweet from my iron when I leave it on.” – JulieMeyer

-“Noooooooooooooo………..” – VintageEye

-“Considering my shop sells vintage items, many times I wish the objects I sell could “tell me their story”! I’m lucky because a lot of what I sell has belonged to a family member, but sometimes I would love to know more!” – mirabellamorello

Read the whole article here.

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