IoT security startup Bastille raises $2.5M

Security startup Bastille announced this week it has extended its angel investment round begun in September, bringing the round total to $2.5 million. David Cowan of Bessemer Venture Partners, whose $1 million stake prompted the announcement, joins previous investors Tom Noonan and John Huntz.

Named for a Parisian fortress, Bastille has its eye on providing security tools for the Internet of Things. As wearables, sensors and other wireless devices proliferate into our lives and embed themselves in the infrastructure around us, businesses are becoming wary of the security implications of letting these devices connect willy-nilly to the Internet -- especially those in banking and other data-sensitive industries.

Up to now, Wi-Fi scanners have provided a fairly good way to detect wireless devices throughout a campus or building and make sure nobody can sneak data in our out without authorization. Though tight-lipped about its “patent-pending technology”, it sounds like Bastille’s solution will expand that approach to encompass the ever-expanding list of wireless standards for the IoT:

Through its proprietary software and sensor technology, Bastille safely and privately scans a corporation’s air space, giving security personnel visibility into every RF-emitting device on a premise. As a result, companies can accurately quantify risk and mitigate threats.

According to this week’s announcement, the company is already working on pilot projects with some leading financial institutions, and plans to reveal its product at the RSA security conference in April.

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