iBitz offers GeoPalz, a consumer fitness tracker for children.

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Support Family Fitness

Boulder-based GeoPalz, has created a wireless activity tracker aimed at giving your child some additional motivation to stay active during their day.

Called the iBitz PowerKey, the small device can be snapped on to a child's shoe or clothes and is used to count the number of steps they take. Using Bluetooth LE those numbers can be uploaded to your smartphone or tablet for monitoring over time, and is synced to the health of a virtual character called a GeoBotz.

The more the child is active with their iBitz the more power their app based character has. If the child stays on target, specific rewards set by an adult can be unlocked (ie: additional TV time, dessert) as well as earning additional games from the iTunes/Amazon app store.

Kids Wireless Activity Tracker

More details about the device can be found at: ibitz.com/ or by watching the team's product pitch below.

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