A new iPhone app-accessory combo can test organic food for radiation, humidity and even electromagnetism. While expensive at $220 and due out late this year, Lapka is certainly the first (and best looking) iPhone accessory of its kind designed for nutritionists and those who want to easure and play with the hidden qualities of their environment.

The accessory works quite simply. It is composed of 4 individual sensor blocks each designed to measure a specific element of your environment. The data for each sensor is visualized on the mobile app as a personalized daily 'comfort diary' that offers respective tolerance ranges for the conditions you encountered. For example the Organic block uses a metal prong that you stick into raw food and drinking water, which then gives you a detailed report if your food has excessive quantities of nitrates (which means synthetic fertilizer was likely used). The idea is that you could bring this accessory into the grocery store and make sure your food is actually, 100 percent organic, according to The Verge.In addition to the organic food testing sensor, there are also sensors that measure temperature and humidity levels, radiation and electromagnetic frequencies that can be purchased in a set or individually.

Radiation - it will reveal highly accurate information about radioactivity near you and explain in detail if and how it might be affecting you
Organic - designed to look for significant quantities of nitrates in raw foods and drinking water in order to detect residues of synthetic fertilizers
EMF - detects electromagnetic fields which can be caused by electronic hardware, telecommunication transmitters, or power lines around
Humidity - combines both the temperature and the humidity level of your environment to help you find the perfect comfort level

Lapka - Personal Environment Monitor

An additional benefit of all these environmental 'snapshots' taken throughout the day by Lapka users is that they can eventually shared with the rest of the community to provide real-time and consistent measurements from locations around the world to track and record how conditions are changing over time.

While the accessory is $220, the app will be released free in the App Store. To learn more you can signup for more details about the projects launch at: or follow the team's development progress @mylapka.

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