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hippih is a Denmark based company releasing their first wireless proximity alarm product called hipKey. The Bluetooth 4 "app enabled accessory" has a range of up to 50 meters and is meant to attach to an item of your choice to track and send you alerts or sound an alarm if one of your settings is met.

hipKey comes with four main operating modes: Child, Motion, Alarm/Safe, and Find Me.

Child Alert: Place the device in the pocket of your child when you are out in public and use it to keep track of them by being immediately notifed if they wander too far away from you.

Motion: This mode uses the built-in motion sensor so that any movement of the device will set off an alarm. This feature could be helpful for when you are travelling and wanting to watch your valuables, or used on a door/window/sleeping child for an added level of security and peace of mind.

Safe/Alarm: Have you ever run out of the house and realized you left your phone sitting on the kitchen counter? Using the included attachment you can connect the device to your keys and receive a safe Zone notification alert letting you know that you have left the building without your phone in your pocket.

Find Me: When you press the Find Me button the other device will make a series of loud beeps.

Locator fob: hipKey

The device is expected to go on sale at the end of the year for less than $100 and will work with all iOS devices. You can find out more details by visiting: hippih.com or by following the team @hippih

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