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Meet Ugle

A Networked Owl

Ugle is a networked wooden owl designed by Oslo based design-studio Voy that acts as a "decorative personal message system".

Controlled over the internet via your iPhone, Ugle lets you send color coded messages remotely to friends and family at your home. When you select a specific color via the app interface the physical owl will turn its head to match the chosen color and position.

Meet Ugle: Your networked messenger

What exactly do each of the colors represent? That is up to each of Ugle's owners to decide for themselves.

Yellow could for instance mean “I’ll be home soon”, while grey might be “Work is boring today” and blue “I’ll make dinner”. Used like this Ugle could be described as a form of slow messaging with a physical, place-specific and glanceable output. The colors could also be connected to other forms of data, like ambient-interface classics such as weather-forcasts, twitter-tags, incoming email etc

Learn more about the project at: or see it in action in the video below:

Image Credits: Voy

Via: @Timoarnall


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