MIT's LIVE Singapore

Funded by the National Research Foundation (NRF) of Singapore and completed by MIT Senseable City Lab. The project hoped to give Singaporeans a new awareness of how their city behaves in response to their actions and presented the results to them through a series of data visualizations.

Initially focused on the development of a platform that allowed the collecting, processing and distributing of real-time data originating from the city. The team avoided placing a priority on any one specific application or a specific type of data stream to emphasize the possibility of combining multiple streams in the subsequent design of applications on top of the platform.

A few of their data mash-ups they decide to visualize include:

Tracking vehicular traffic in the course of the day, watching the time needed to move in Singapore shrink and expands.

Using the combination of taxi and rainfall data, they explored how the transportation system behaved and eventually could help to better match taxi supply and demand in the city.

This visualization showed the estimated temperature rise and energy consumption in different parts of Singapore to better understand how the urban heat island effect plays out for the citizens and their corresponding energy usage.

They did several more visualizations on real time airport and mobile phone usage and also tracked out the city shifted its behavior for a large event (in this case a Formula 1 event in the city)

The project also wanted to focus on developing; Flexible & Accessible API's, Interface and interaction models for real-time data platforms, and Visualization and search tools for urban data.

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