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An open, expandable sensor platform

LINC is a product from North Carolina engineering firm Techmor that hopes to empower those with no electronics knowledge to create their own mobile sensor networks.

At the heart of the modular system is a LINC Bridge connector containing a battery, wireless radio (Bluetooth 4.0/LE & & Xbee), and microprocessor. A Bridge can accept up to four LINC "Smart Sensors" and one 0-5V analog input sensor. Out of the box there are five available sensor types for you to plug and play into the bridge module; Temperature, Linear Position, Force/Load, Wind Speed and Pressure. More sensor models are expected to be developed after the initial product launch and all come with built-in calibration and unique identifier capabilities.

Once you have the data coming into the sensors and connected to your mobile phone you can use the systems mobile app to view your sensor network output in real-time and either store the data locally or share the collected data through email, text or upload it to the cloud.

Mobile Sensor Network: LINC

Some example applications include:

Connect four or more LINC IR Temperature sensors to your Android device to monitor real-time tire temperatures around the track. Combine with GPS data to measure tire temperatures versus speed, cornering acceleration, track position and suspension setup.

Use two LINC Position modules to optimize the shock settings on your full-suspension mountain bike. Find out where you are bottoming out, your peak shock travel, average shock travel, and shock velocity. Tag data with shock setup information and, GPS data.

Mobile Sensor Network

Use the LINC temperature smart sensor to measure and record body temps.

Mobile Sensor Network: LINC

You can find out more on the LINC system at: or by watching the team's product pitch below.


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