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Action Cubes are a product created by the UK based company TapCare that uses a combination of NFC tags (Near Field Communication), a tablet/smartphone, and a simple piece of folded paper to empower the elderly or those with physical dexterity issues the ability to easily utilize some of the latest technology.

"Just tap the device on the picture for the action you want: television, newspaper, book, phone (or Skype), radio/music or Help."

The details of the actions can be personalized by the user, and the system currently works with all NFC enabled tablets and smartphones.

With the tagline of "communication, connection and contentment" the company TapCare asks the questions "As people age, the types of technology offered and designed for their needs reduces. How can we redesign user experience to offer the advantages of our interconnected world with the perceived problems of bad interfaces?"

Placing NFC tags on photographs of family members that make a phone call, or affixing them on family mementos to play an associated song or slideshow are a few of the ideas they provide of putting this type of design thinking into action.

NFC Action Cubes: TapCare

More details about the company can be found at: Tapcare.blogspot.com/ (@TapCare) or you can pick up one of the cubes for yourself on their Etsy store.

Via: Alastair Somerville

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