NFC tags and 3d Printing

A look at the merging of NFC tags and 3d printing projects…

Two emerging technologies blending together? NFC and 3d Printing are finding ways to coverge to create more dynamic objects.

Here are a few projects showing the concept in action:

Flomio 3d printed dino toy with embedded NFC tag


Flomio a company specializing in NFC products (FlojackZapps), has figured out a way to reliably embed an NFC tag into the 3D printing process. Up to this point people have just been attaching an NFC sticker to the bottom of an object. More details about their service and pricing can be found here or you can see it in action below.

3DP 4 BTC adds a third technology to the mix by printing a 3d simulated Bitcoin for you to act as your wallet or to load your favorite wallet app when you swipe it with your phone. You can pick one up here.

NFC 3d printed Bitcoin

In more mass produced applications and following along with Activisions RFID enabled Skylanders game, Nintento has announced that their game Pokémon Rumble U will include seven Pokémon figurines with near field communication compatibility that can interact with the system.

Skylanders WiiU Pokemon demo

Robert Wozniak used the concept as an Ingress geotag marker. More details on his prototype can be found here

Ingress 3d printed geotag market in park


NFC 3d