Handheld sensor device

NODE: the bluetooth enabled handheld device from George Yu and his team at Variable Technologies is another Internet of Things project that has been fully funded on Kickstarter (Others include Twine,AirQualityEgg, NinjaBlocks, ReaDIYmate). The products basic elements include a gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer that enable you to monitor movements, positions, and add meaning to those elements via the app (Iphone/Android) interface.

What really makes the product stand out is its ability to have new modules added to it over time. After surpassing the initial funding requirements Radiation sensor modules and Carbon Monoxide sensors have already been added to the growing list of extensions planned for the device:

LUMA - Lighting: 8 LEDs

CLIMA- Climate: barometric pressure, wind speed, temperature, and humidity

OXA - Gas Sensors:

  • Carbon Monoxide (0 - 400 ppm)
  • Carbon Dioxide (500 ppm to 90%)
  • Chlorine (0 - 10 ppm)
  • Nitric Oxide (0 - 40 ppm)
  • Hydrogen (0 - 20 ppm)
  • Sulfur Dioxide (0 - 10 ppm)
NODE: Handheld Sensors

Additional note:

Will be released with an Open API, Open Firmware, Open Source Code and is Arduino compatible so that developers can start building their own devices and applications to interact with the NODE platform.

More details about the device and its development can be found at: