NY TImes: The Internet Gets Physical

In the Sunday review edition of the NYTimes Steve Lohr published a piece titled "The Internet Gets Physical"

"the protean Internet technologies of computing and communications are rapidly spreading beyond the lucrative consumer bailiwick. Low-cost sensors, clever software and advancing computer firepower are opening the door to new uses in energy conservation, transportation, health care and food distribution. The consumer Internet can be seen as the warm-up act for these technologies."

There are blurbs in the piece from UW's Edward D. Lazowska

The article references:

- Article An Evolution Toward a Programmable Universe by Larry Smarr

- Nest Thermostat

- William Ruh and a new GE research lab

- IBM and an interview with Samuel J. Palmisano

- Google's self driving cars

- UN's Global Pulse project

Read the full article here.