Olinda by Berg

From Olinda's site on Berg:

Olinda is a prototype digital radio that has your social network built in, showing you the stations your friends are listening to. It’s customizable with modular hardware, and aims to provoke discussion on the future and design of radios for the home.

Social Networks in Physical Products

Six lights on Olinda show when a close friend is listening to the radio, using wifi and Radio Pop, the BBC’s website for sharing ‘now playing’ information. Each light is a button: you can tune in to listen along with them, discovering new stations via your social network.

A friend will always appear at the same light, so you can write or draw on the radio to label it, and the lights are bright so you’ll know a friend has started listening from across the room.

Where Now?

Consumers increasingly expect their products to contribute to their social network, connect to the internet, and involve them in creative ways, whether that’s by offering ways to extend the product with extra modules at home, or simply with playful customisation. This has been identified as Generation C. The Web is at the forefront of meeting these expectations.

Consumer electronics, and all kinds of physical products, can and should learn from the Web. Let’s marry social networks and lessons from the Web with the powerful experiences and shelf appeal exemplified by toys and gadgets, and make a new kind of product.

Olinda is the first step of this exploration with home digital radio. A small number of fully functioning prototypes show that it’s possible to design social, Web-like experiences using industry standard DAB chip-sets, and conventional manufacturing techniques.

We hope this project provokes as many thoughts for you as it has done for us.

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