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Open Wearable Sensor Platform

The Angel wristband is being billed as the first “truly open wearable health sensor” that is designed out of the box to make the device’s raw sensor data accessible to developers, researchers and physicians.

Created by Eugene Jorov, Amir Shlomovich and their Israeli team the Bluetooth wristband is trying to reverse the trend of existing fitness and wearable devices on the market that keep their data locked behind the closed doors of their cloud service and individual apps and instead allow users to access this information gathered about their bodies and use it for their specific health needs.

Many life threatening situations can be avoided with the right information. The technology to predict heart attacks, heat strokes and other health issues is coming. Our aim is to enable this by making health metrics accessible and actionable.

The wristband features four different sensors (movement, temperature, optical, and acoustical) that can monitor multiple metrics about a user in real-time.

Acoustical: Pulse, Blood flow sounds
Optical: Blood oxygen saturation, Blood flow waveform, Pulse
Acceleration: Type of activity, Calories burned and number of steps taken
Temperature: Skin temperature

With the data the wristband collects, along with its API and SDK service the Angel team hopes to unleash some innovation into the connected health market enabling any application to be built on top of the sensor data without the need for researchers or developers to create their own custom hardware. While simultaneously freeing the end-user up to decide exactly how, and with whom they decide to share their personal information with.

Open Wearable Sensor Platform: Angel Wristband

Open Wearable Sensor Platform

More details about the Angel wristband can be found at:

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Angel Wristband

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