Mimo Monitor

Helping parents rest better

Rest Devices is a Boston based start-up that has announced "Mimo" their first connected product on the market that brings parents a new way to keep tabs on their baby at night and alert them to any unusual activity.

Mimo is composed of three pieces; A washable organic baby suit containing thin-film sensors for your baby to sleep in. "Turtle", a small Bluetooth Low Energy module that attaches to the bottom of the pajama suit and takes readings on a baby's breathing, body position, skin temperature and activity levels throughout the night. And "Lilypad" a WiFi base station that connects to your home network, recharges the Turtle module, and transmits the gathered sensor data along for a parent to monitor from their smartphone.

Live audio can be transmitted from the Lilypad base station and all of the information gathered from the system can be tracked over time to monitor a baby's long-term sleeping habits, or acted upon using alerts sent directly to a parent in the case of any activity that matches their custom alert settings.

Pajama Sensors: Mimo Monitor

More details about the device can be found at: Dragoninnovation.com/projects/19-mimo or by watching the team's product pitch video embedded below.

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