Temboo Adds IoT Support For TI's Launchpad

Internet of Things virtualized code platform Temboo is partnering with Texas Instruments to support theLaunchPad line of development boards. The collaboration was announced last month and brings Temboo into TI’s cloud ecosystem of software partners.

TI may be best known for the graphing calculators that have been ubiquitous in U.S. high school math and science classrooms for decades. But the company makes a wide array of electronic components, and its modular LaunchPad boards are well-suited to IoT applications. Starting with a wifi-enabled base model like the CC3200, developers can snap on “booster packs” made by TI and third parties to add sensors, motors, screens, or other components to their prototype.

Temboo extends a similar modularity to the software side, with pre-written code blocks called “choreos” that shuttle information between APIs, databases, and other web services. The platform is already integrated into certain Arduino boards, and is now bundled with the Energia development software that TI provides to LaunchPad customers.

Temboo allows for memory savings on the hardware by storing and parsing Choreo inputs as a Profile server side; This feature makes it possible to reprogram LaunchPad hardware without pushing any updates to the device itself while cutting down on the total amount of required code for applications.

Learn more about LaunchPad boards at TI.com, and check out Temboo.com for programming examples using their library.

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