From CENS and UCLA Urban Sensing lab comes PEIR (personalized estimates of environmental exposure and impact)

From their project page:

A new kind of online tool that allows you to use your mobile phone to explore and share how you impact the environment and how the environment impacts you.

What’s unique about PEIR? Taking a step beyond a “footprint calculator” that relies only on your demographics, PEIR uses location data that is regularly and securely uploaded from your mobile phone to create a dynamic and personalized report about your environmental impact and exposure. PEIR gives you greater control over your environmental impact and exposure by allowing you to interactively explore how it creates its results from your activity patterns. PEIR analysis starts with your location “trace,” a sequence of points collected by a GPS device you carry with you. For each trip you take, we link your location trace with data we collect about thousands of neighborhoods in California, data that include the current weather conditions and estimated traffic patterns on local roads and freeways. All of this information is then analyzed with published scientific models that produce estimates of your exposure and impact in four categories:

1. Smog Exposure (PM 2.5 particulate exposure).

2. Fast food exposure.

3. Carbon impact.

4. Sensitive Site Impact (PM2.5 particulate impact on sensitive sites such as schools and hospitals).

And PEIR is not just about individuals, it’s about community. By adding the PEIR application to your Facebook profile, you can share your overall impact and exposure scores with friends.


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