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Nimbus is the latest in a line of connected devices developed out of the crowdsourced invention site Quirky and their "Wink" product line partnership with GE and Electric Imp.

Designed by Ryan Pendleton and over 3000 other members of the site, the WiFi enabled "Personal Dashboard" allows you to customize each of its 4 displays to highlight whatever information is important to you. Tune one of the dials to monitor your morning commute time using real-time traffic data, and have another show the weather forecast alongside a countdown dial for your next appointment time.

The device uses the Wink app to manage each of the dial settings and to integrate with other smart home products by Quirky + GE like the "smart" piggy bank, egg tray or powerstrip. Additional 3rd party hardware devices like the Fitbit will also be supported so you can monitor your daily progress without having to take out the device itself.

Personal Digital Dashboard: Nimbus

More details about Nimbus can be found at: or in the promo video embedded below.



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