Growing up, there were LEGOS and then there were the more complex toys that seemed relegated to the “smart” kids. As much as my parents tried to get me to like the “smart” toys, those toys lacked the intuitiveness necessary for play. ATOMS by The Seamless Toy Company bring “smart” to play while increasing the parameters of play.

Three components make up the core of ATOMS – Sensing, Logic, and Output. A Sensing ATOM takes in environmental cues, such as light or sound and directs the information to the Logic cube that then tells the Output cube to increase or decrease movement. Attach ATOMS to stationary objects or toys, and you now can move them around. With the Atoms iOS control set you can use your phone to to send commands from your phone to your ATOMS creation via Bluetooth 4.

Smarter play with a smart Toy
Smarter play with a smart Toy - ATOMS

What’s fascinating about ATOMS is they are not limited to a certain set, like an Erector or LEGOs. Though, they work just fine with those toys (The underside is compatible with standard LEGO studs for example). As Founding Team Member and Product Development Manager Eric Budd has said, “Many of our toys and devices today are complex, yet hide their complexity under-the-hood. We're creating a set of building blocks - inputs, outputs, and logic - that let anyone learn how to problem-solve and make things themselves.”

ATOMS is in the Kickstarter phase of growth, with their campaign ending New Year’s Day 2013. Founder and Apple iPod Touch developer Michael Rosenblatt brought together a team in the catalytic Boulder Start-up Community to get ATOMS going. He summarizes that, “Atoms are a collection of smart building blocks that help people make things to do things. Atoms are plug-and-play, intuitive, powerful and fun.”

You can see the blocks in action below or follow their development at:

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