At Crowsnest, we believe it should be fast and simple for product companies to deliver a seamless IoT experience for their customers. Our software tells you when and how your IoT products are failing in the field and which customers are affected as a result. You can even set up actions for reacting to those failures as they happen. This means automating tedious technical support tasks and strategic customer engagement.

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API for the Real World

Crowsnest adds to the diverse ecosystem of platforms aspiring to be the neutral connective tissue that binds devices together into an Internet of Things. It’s a single, easy-to-use API that can become compatible with any networked device thanks to a system of open-source plugins.

At the center of Crowsnest is the company's Bosun software, which currently runs on a Raspberry Pi. Bosun acts as the hub, handling API requests between devices on the same network and making their data available to the cloud. For any particular device, the maker or other developers can create a plugin that translates between the device’s software and the Crowsnest API, so that Crowsnest users can discover and control their devices through one consistent interface.

That’s the goal, at any rate. Crowsnest is still in the early stages, so not all the functionality is available yet. The developers are starting with webhooks instead of the full API, and are focused on compatibility with digital cameras as the first suite of devices.

They’ve built a demo web app that snaps pics of their office and automatically publishes them to Tumblr.

Plugin-Powered API: Crowsnest

Crowsnest is following the software-as-service model -- a free account will support up to two devices, with additional devices carrying a monthly fee as well as data fees for devices that use more that half a gigabyte per month.

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