Predictive IoT platform provider Neura raises $2 million in funding

Neura, a startup that announced $2 million in funding led by Greenhouse Capital Partners, with SingTel Innov8 Ventures, Pitango Venture Capital, TriplePoint Ventures, and several angels joining in on the round earlier this month.

Like many other IoT platforms, Neura offers a way to unify the data coming from your various devices, and to create rules to help those devices communicate and work together autonomously.

Neura’s more ambitious goal is to make its platform predictive: It should be able to analyze patterns in the way each device is used and in the data it collects, and then suggest new rules for the user. In other words, the platform should help users identify hidden opportunities to let their technology work together in ways they might never think of themselves. "Neura changes the way we manage our home environment, wellness and healthcare graduating IoT from being purely connected to truly smart.'

If the company lives up to its name, it will become a sort of digital brain that lets each users’ devices “think” together. Dozens of popular gadgets are included already, with more on the way. But it’s no small task to become a universal platform in an ecosystem as diverse as the IoT is today.

“Currently, devices available within the marketplace don’t correspond to their owners or to one another, with zero contextual understanding and adaptive learning abilities,” said Gilad Meiri, CEO of Neura, in a statement. “This funding will allow our team to finally develop the solution in which devices are empowered with intelligence and cooperate to understand the human element behind behavioral patterns."

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