Professional Certificate in Designing for the Internet of Things

Professional Certificate in Designing for the Internet of Things

Starting in November of this year you will now be able to get yourself aprofessional certificate in the Internet of Things through the University of Toronto.

The program is run through the ThingTank Lab led by Matt Ratto, which is supported by the Knowledge Media Design Institute (KMDI) and the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto (iSchool Institute).


Portfolio Requirement – This entails 10 hours of community involvement in the development of the Internet of Things, plus delivery of a completed Internet of Things device.


By the end of the program students will have built there own fully functioning Internet of Things project, and the Certificate starts from the idea that “understanding and innovating in the Internet of Things requires both ideational and technical skills. Therefore the curriculum includes both conceptual and hands-on coursework, and explores the various skills necessary to innovate within the Internet of Things. Current real-life applications of the Internet of Things will also be explored by the various courses.”


Stefan Powell

A Toronto based artist/programmer/tinkerer that utilizes generative sound, digitized film, video processing, and sensors in his work. Stefan serves on the board of directors of Interaccess Electronic Media Arts Centre and completed his residency at the Canadian Film Centre’s Interactive Art and Entertainment Program. He also holds a Masters of Information Science from the University of Toronto.Class: Introduction to the Internet of Things

Katherine Hague

A volunteer with ThingTank Lab, helping to plan the Ontario Hacker Passport and Certificate Program on Designing for the Internet of things. She is an aspiring entrepreneur currently working as Marketing Manager at Toronto startup ecobee. Katherine also works as a digital media consultant for a variety of businesses, with a focus on startups, through Ninja Parade Media. Class: Directed Design Jam

ginger coons

ginger “all-lower-case” coons is a designer, artist, academic-in-training and all-round trouble maker. Her work specializes in topics of intellectual property, civil liberties and truth in production, among others. These themes apply to all areas of her work. She is a firm believer in Free/Libre Open Source Software and spends much of her time advocating for its use and advancement. In her F/LOSS work, she is an editor of Libre Graphics magazine, as well as being project lead on the Open Colour Standard (temporarily in hibernation). She is currently a PhD student in the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto. Class: Directed Design Jam

Nicholas Stedman

A Toronto-based artist and inventor who makes electronic devices with unusual applications. These have ranged from tactile robots to a machine for feeling ice from a distance to a chalice that automates transubstantiation. Stedman’s projects have been shown in Canada, and abroad, some highlights of which include Ars Electronica, SIGGRAPH, and a Japanese Game Show. Stedman also teaches Digital Media at York University and New Media at Ryerson University. Class: Fabricating Prototypes

Eric Boyd

Eric Boyd is an engineer, environmentalist, and transhumanist. He currently spends his time developing wearable electronic senses, devices which augment your interface to the world, turning you into a cyborg. His diverse past includes market gardening, dot coms, industrial sensors, and automotive journalism. Eric blogs at Digital Crusader . You can learn more about wearable electronic senses at Sensebridge. Class:Communicating Devices

Alaina Hardie

A hacker, a maker, an open source advocate and an IT professional. She has nearly 23 years of experience in the IT industry, including more than 20 years in Internet-related technologies and 17 years of experience with the Web. Alaina holds a B.Sc. in computer information systems and is an alumnus of Singularity University’s Graduate Studies Program. Class:Communicating Devices

Jonathan Guberman

A co-founder of and director of education at Site 3 coLaboratory , a member-run collaborative workshop exploring the intersection of art and technology. His constantly-shifting interests have led to diverse educational experiences, such as a computer animation co-op in high school, a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Harvard, and a PhD in molecular biology from Princeton. His projects similarly reflect his cross-disciplinary bent, as they employ various combinations of custom software, electronic circuits, clockwork mechanisms, 3D printing, traditional fabrication, and textiles. Class: Electronics and Micro-Controllers

More Information

To learn more about the program and courses visit or check out the latest news from the ThingTank Lab here.


Professional Certificate in Designing for the Internet of Things

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