Genican: Smart Trash Can

Genican is a device which installs into any garbage can, recycle bin, or trash receptacle. As you dispose of used containers from items, the device then tracks your usage and automatically updates your shopping list. Use up the ketchup; order another ketchup.

Genican partners with Amazon Dash, so it can be set up for automatic item delivery.

The user can initiate an item onto the list by scanning it into Genican. Thereafter, simply throwing an empty container away generates a message to the Genican app on your phone via your home WiFi, adding the spent item to your next shopping list. In the absence of a bar code, Genican also uses voice recognition: Just tell it what the item is, and you’ll be able to verbally prompt it the next time you run out.

The co-founder and inventor Rob Griffin had an ‘ah-ha’ moment watching his own son using up products in the kitchen. As any parent of children will attest, kids eat fast, use things up fast, and don’t always pick the best timing to let you know you’re out of something. The bigger a household is, the more Genican makes sense.

Genican: Smart Trash Can
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