Radio 3

Touch your music

Radio 3.0 is a DIY device by Paris based designers Christopher Santerre and Uros Petrevsky that enables you to tap and share a favorite song to your social network.

Described as an idea to get a "tangible feel from intangible digital flows" the networked radio was prototyped within the FABLAB of the French National Design Institute ENSCI-Les Ateliers using an Arduino Uno and Ethernet shield for connectivity and a 32 × 8 LED matrix acting as a display (Full code samples and a short tutorial can be found here).

A CNC'd wood enclosure surrounds the device and if a new favorite song comes on from the streaming radio that you would like to capture to share with your friends you merely tap the top of the device with your hand to initiate the data exchange to Twitter. A message is flashed on the LED display verifying the song was sent successfully and you can continue to enjoy the tunes being played.

Networked Radio 3.0 by Christopher Santerre
Networked Radio 3.0 by Christopher Santerre
Radio 3.0

You can see a video of the project in action embedded below, or you can follow more of Christopher's work at @chsanterre or on his website:

Image Credits: Uros Petrevsky, Christopher Santerre, ENSCI


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