Recap: 2012 Internet of Things Day

Recap: 2012 Internet of Things Day

In case you missed out, April 9th wasGlobal Internet of Things day an event that Rob van Kranenburg started last year focused on speading the ideas, vision and policies of an open and global IoT.

We were kindly asked to team up with the the Internet of Things Council and Forum to help promote the event through and this year proved to be a big success with 18 events being planned in 16 countries.




Some snapshots:

Recap: 2012 Internet of Things Day


Rotterdam, Netherlands: Home-sense vs. IoT:
Initiated by Martin Pot and continuing on from an event held in December atV2_ (Event videos and recap can be viewed here) focused on the question of What are the consequences and questions for our home-environment in relation to the Internet of Things? Attendants included Dr.Ben van Lier(Centric), John Post (Open Data), Bas Kortmann (WdKA), Iwan Koolen(IKOON) and Erik van der Zee (Consultant at Geodan).

New York, USA: Why Zombies are Important to the Internet of Things
Kellyn Loehr at the Parsons the New School for Design used some Dunkin Donuts as bait to bring other students together for a session focused on Zombiecomp or what happens when you combine objects and computation. You can follow along with more Zombiecomp project developments at:

Timisoara, Romania: Xceed Afterhours IOT
Design studio Xceed decided to extend their work day a little longer on Monday to fit in a little IoT discussion. Starting off with this Youtube playlist of IoT overview videos and leading into a late night of brainstorming.

Zurich, Switzerland: Proto-hacking everyday products’ communication with Android
EVRYTHNG an IoT platform company lead by Niall Murphy, Andy Hobsbawm, Vlad Trifa and Dominique Guinard held an event to hack together an Android based food tracking app using a combination of the EVRYTHNG API, NFC Tags, loads of QR-codes, Android devices (including some ICS), Sunspots and a few Arduinos.

Lamia, Greece: Open hardware/software project
Charalampos Doukas and students/members at the University of Central Greece IEEE student branch took part in a discussion over a new IoT project utilizing open hardware/software. Updates on their progress can be followed at

Additional meetings were held in Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Taiwan andLA and all around the globe. View a complete list of events and their details at:

If you held a meeting and have any photos, projects, or stories to share please send them [email protected] and we will post them here and on the main site moving forward.

Thanks again to everyone who participated and we look forward to seeing what new projects will develop in this coming year.

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