Robot Readable World Film

Timo Arnall of BERGLondon put together this short film using found machine-vision footage that takes a deeper look into the studio's "Robot-Readable World" speculations and asks "As robots begin to inhabit the world alongside us, how do they see and gather meaning from our streets, cities, media and from us?"

The Robot-Readable World is pre-Cambrian at the moment, but machine vision is becoming a design material alongside metals, plastics and immaterials. It's something we need to develop understandings and approaches to, as we begin to design, build and shape the senses of our new artificial companions.

Read Timo's full breakdown on the video at: and there is a source list for the clips and a good conversation going on at the Vimeopage about the use of the term robots versus computer-vision.

I would also point you to the work of Jeff Hawkins at Numenta if you are interested in this type of machine learning.