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Buy Lively’s new stylish and easy-to-use senior medical alert watch. Publicly acclaimed as a leader among medical alert systems and devices.

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Tighten the connection between older adults living independently and their families

Lively is a new product line aimed at aging adults and their families that combines passive sensor technology and a printed mailer system called LivelyGram that aims to help users stay in contact with their loved ones and maintain their independent lifestyles.

The system uses cellular technology in the hardware to bypass Internet connectivity issues that can occur (65 percent of older adults age 75+ that lack Internet access according to the company). The small accelerometer sensors are meant to be placed around the home on refrigerators, medication packaging, keychains, etc to help build a daily activity profile on the person.

This data is gathered and sent to a back end-service that for tracking and displaying a simple glanceable dashboard of the information. Reminders and email/phone notifcations can also be sent to users and their families when the system notices a significant deviation from a normal routine.

Lively's approach leads to more dignified and meaningful conversations between older adults who live on their own and their loved ones by enabling everyone to focus on what's really important: ‘how’ they're feeling and ‘what’ they're doing, rather than ‘did they take their meds’ or ‘did they drink enough water today.’ We think it’s the empowered and practical way to make the ‘connected senior’ a reality.” says Iggy Fanlo, co-founder and CEO of Lively.

Senior Sensors: Lively

You can learn more about the product at: or by watching the team's pitch video below.

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