Sensor Sleep Shirts

Think you might be suffering from sleep apnea? or just intrigued by what your sleep cycles are looking like over time?

Up until recently if you wanted to test your quality of sleep your only real option was to enroll in an expensive medical study where your body would be strapped up to a host of sensors for analysis overnight.

This process is now changing with a range of shirts being introduced that can unobtrusively monitor your sleep cycles at home in your own bed. Rest Devices now offers a washable shirt that uses two embedded film respiration sensors to measure the movement of your body throughout the night and provides a "wakefulness analysis" with up to 85% accuracy (and 95% sleep apnea detection). Once this data is gathered the information is uploaded via USB or a Bluetooth add-on module to the online service to be analyzed and charted over time.

Sensor Sleep Shirts: RestDevices

The company is also targeting new parents with the technology by integrating the sensors into baby pajamas. Data and notifications are sent to a smartphone or tablet via the cloud, that then provides parents with information around their child's skin temperature, body position, and respiration and can alert them if something unusual is detected.

Sensor Sleep Shirts: RestDevices - Monitor your sleep using a Rest Device shirt - Self Tracking, Health Care

Sold? Unfortunately Rest is not offering their products directly to consumers yet but you can add yourself to an availability wait list or follow the shirts continued development by visiting:

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